Caballo_5559-logo as many of you know, my dearest friend is finally tying the knot next year.  back when her partner popped the question, not only was the proposal supposed to be a surprise but i was 2!  but thanks to the jonas blizzard, my flight was canceled and so i missed the big question.  luckily she said yes without me and i was left with a flight to nyc and planned a date in may to visit and capture their engagement session.  because who else would you trust to take your engagement photos besides your best friend/matron of honor/personal photographer!!!  so happy that these 2 have found each other and are taking the leap into love together!!!  as crazy as they BOTH are!!!  here’s what we did together….Carballo_5411-logoCarballo_5419-logo

Carballo_5472-logo                  Carballo_5470-logo


Carballo_5700-logo            Carballo_5724-logo Carballo_5712-logomexico, here we come!!!  i hope they’re ready for us!!!



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