a few weeks ago, my husband invited me on an oyster tour in san leon, tx to tour the facilities of prestige oysters.  which i quickly learned is one of the nation’s largest providers of gulf oysters!  now i have to confess…. i have not always been a lover of the oyster.  up until a quick trip to atlanta last year, i had no interest in sitting around and shooting oysters.  but times have changed and now i am hooked!  only being a rookie in my own oyster game, i was eager to learn about the whole process of how the oyster comes to our table.  and what a day it was!!!  we learned a lot about oysters, make some new friends, hopped on a boat fit for a rap video and only managed to get a little wet.  and of course i got some great shots!!!

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  1. Jess,
    Great photos, thanks for sharing…
    I love those big oysters.

    Thanks again,

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